Maintenance Request

***PLEASE NOTE***: Due to the high demand peak-season, we cannot guarantee vendor availability for same day service for air conditioning repairs. Air conditioning repairs are not considered emergencies. Please take the following steps to troubleshoot A/C systems if your system is not working properly:

1) Check/replace any thermostat batteries.

2) Evaluate if lines to A/C unit are frozen, let lines defrost as needed.

3) Locate the electrical breaker and switch any/all breakers to the opposite position, then back again to initial posistion.

If air conditioning still does not funtion correctly, follow the instructions below:

All requests must be in writing and submitted in a timely manner. Vendors will not enter the premise if only minor(s) are present. For any emergency repairs, please refer to the number(s) listed on your tenant property packet. To submit a request, please see instructions:

  1. Download and print our Maintenance Request.
    (If using Firefox, you will need to save the file first then print)
  2. Fill out clearly.
  3. Fax us at (951) 684-4131 OR
    Scan and email us at
We instruct our vendors to contact our tenants for maintenance. If you do not get a call within 48 hours, please give us a call!

Please note: For other requests such as addition of individuals on the lease, pets, or general improvements/alterations of the house, please see our General Maintenance Request.